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Aang Serian Peace Village
Aang Serian Peace Village (the name means "House of Peace" in the Maasai language) is a registered Tanzanian cultural association set up to promote, preserve and document the indigenous cultures of East Africa, and to uphold the rights of Indigenous Peoples. Our main focus is on bridging the gap between residents and visitors through community-led, sustainable educational programmes lasting from a few days to several months. The curriculum includes traditional herbal medicine, indigenous ecology, visual arts, handicrafts, drumming, song and dance. Profits from these activities are returned to the community via training projects aimed at establishing a rural community college, and small-scale economic development activities such as fair trading of Maasai bead jewellery. We're also involved in recording and documenting traditional songs and stories, and self-publishing Tanzanian poetry and literature.

Able Minded Pioneers

Non Governmental organisation

Actionaid International Nigeria
ActionAid International Nigeria aims at contributing significantly to sustain improvement in the quality of lives of poor women, men, and children in Nigeria through promotion of a right-based approach to poverty eradication. Promoting gender equity and access to basic rights through community empowerment and advocacy forms the cornerstone of ActionAid- Nigeria's works.

Action For Development

It is an organisation that is focused on the issue of Development through raising awareness and educating on the issue of Human Rights at both local and national levels . It works through capacity building and education on the issues at local level and through advocacy and lobbying at national level. It also delved into the area of research on such level at local, national and regional level. It works in partnership with other organisations in both national, regional and international level to provide information and capacity building as necessary

Action Sociale pour le Développement de la fille et la femme congolaise
L'ASODIFEC est une ONG des femmes basée à Kinshasa, dont le but poursuivi est le développement intégral de la fille et de la femme congolaise.

Active Youth Initiative for Social Enhancement

carries out programmes promoting youth, and their social enhancement.

AfriAfya ia an African Network for Health Knowledge Management and Communication, that is harnessing modern information and communication technologies for community health among rural poor.

Africa Christian Youths Development Foundation
The Foundation provides a platform for the maximum expression of youthful creativity and the harnessing of the rich potentials of Christian youths in Africa, for the promotion of positive social change and transformation towards sustainable growth and authentic development.

Africa Community Publishing and Development Trust
Africa Community Publishing and Development Trust is a Zimbabwean NGO which is actively involved in participatory development, community capacity-building, poverty reduction and democratic development.

Africa Consultants OInternational
Africa Consultants International (ACI) is a non-governmental organization specializing in communication and training in Africa. Created in 1984, ACI represents a vast network of consultants with capabilities in distinct but complementary fields of development. Motivated by its desire to contribute to the human quest for greater well-being, ACI operates in two major sectors: cultural and linguistic orientation, and training in the fields of health and development.

Africa Cry Aids Pandemic Organisation

Acapo is committed to train & educate those who are willing to help those who are infected & afected by HIV/AIDS, TB & STI.To train Home based care.To alleviate poverty.To give orpharn shelter & care.tTo give counseling to all who are infected & afected. to serve as a information centre for HIV/AIDS, STI, TB & MALARIA. To make HIV/AIDS TB, STI & Malaira Awareness
Africa ICT Right
Africa ICT Right (AIR) begins operation in April, 2007 as an not-for-profit ICT and Entrepreneurship Center to provide individuals, organizations, communities, schools, etc with training, empowerment and access to modern ICT facilities.

Africa Leadership Forum
African Civil Society organization with focus on Regional development and integrative advoccacy policies, development of professional leadership capacity, training and impartation of democractic principles and tools for the youth and woman and initiating and implementing strategies for ICTs in Nigeria and Africa

African Academy of Sciences
The African Academy of Sciences fosters excellence in scientific and technological endeavours in direct support of social and economic development.
African Art And Communications 'XCHANGE'
Non-Profit Organisation Improving Social Development


African Center OF Cultural Exchange is a nongovernmental organization with Panafrican vocation . Its goal is to promote and diffuse the culture in the form of cultural action and to intensify the exchanges between the contracting parts while its total program aims to the reinforcement of the capacities and the setting in synergy of endogenous competences. Its principal objectives are : - the promotion of the intercultural approaches - improvement of the statute of the woman. - the promotion and the defense of the human rights - environment and the durable development. - the health of proximity - the support with the initiatives of young people. The aforementioned association also plays the part of mediator. It is the expression of a new solidarity and a factor of bringing together of the various social layers by the permanent dialogue of the culture.

Africanews is an online platform about Africa. We try to give a more balanced view of the issues on the continent by not only reporting on hunger, war, poverty, but also on culture, business, sport, development, nature and travell.

African Forum and Network on Debt and Development

AFRODAD, the African Forum and Network on Debt and Development, is a regional research, lobby and advocacy organisation, born of a desire to see lasting solutions to Africa's mounting debt problem which has impacted negatively on the continent's development process.
African Foundation For People In Need
African Foundation for People In Need is a christian community based organization based in Lugazi town east of Kampala established to respond to the cries of the most unfortunate rural population.

African News Dimension
African News Dimension (AND) is being created as a leading innovative, entrepreneurial African breaking, general, financial and sports news provider. Headquartered in Sandton, Johannesburg, and with associate offices in 42 countries around the world, African News Dimension will provide superior groundbreaking news services and real time financial information from an African perspective and delivered on a second - by- second basis. We at AND aim to be an information center that will drive investment, political, economic and social decisions affecting millions of people throughout the African continent and beyond. Additionally, AND, through her interactive Website, will utilize the most current multimedia technologies including 3G streaming media, searchable archives, and real-time financial data to provide our clients with the most up- to-date information. Our client base will encompass leading financial institutions, intergovernmental organizations, governments, unilateral and multilateral agencies, corporations and media organizations. To find out more log on to

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