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OWA urges Youths to be Human Rights Ambassadors

Human Rights, being at the centre of any society, play a vital role in maintaining law and order in a given country

Young people in some societies have had their rights infringed without them defending themselves because they do not know and understand their rights.


With this background, it is the belief and conviction of One World Africa that the rights of a child have to be safeguarded by every well meaning Zambian. We therefore call on every Zambian to exhibit maximum caution when dealing with children, bearing in mind that children have rights which need to be protected.


We also challenge young people to take keen interest in matters relating to Human Rights. This will help them understand their Rights and how to be responsible with those rights. It is sad to note that many young people especially school going children have not taken keen interest in learning about human rights. It is wrongly perceived that Human Rights only apply to old people and not to the young; everyone regardless of age, has rights which ought to be respected.


We would like to take this opportunity to urge the youth, especially those in schools to start interrogating their responsibilities in relation to human Rights. In as much as they can have rights, these rights come with responsibilities.


One way they can start interrogating their responsibilities is by participating in the secondary schools’ essay competition on Human Rights which is currently running from 6th January to 30th June, 2009. By participating in this competition, young people will know more about their rights which will inspire them to become youth ambassadors on Human Rights in communities were they live.


We also take this opportunity in urging teachers to challenge their pupils to participate in Human Rights matters as they are in a better position to educate their peers on Human Rights. Parents just as teachers are also challenged to work hand in hand with teachers for this noble course in making their school going children better and responsible children. Young people often listen to whatever their parents say and it is for this reason that parents need to join the campaign on human rights.


Let us all join the fight for Human Rights on children to build a better Zambia.




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