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ICTs and Entrepreneurship

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The Civil Society is currently dealing with repercussions associated with the growing gap between the rich and poor and an increasingly frustrated marginalized indigenous population. The ability for grassroots movements to work towards change within the democratic system is crucial.

ICT has the potential to increase levels of citizen participation in public discussions on the development of government policy.  Citizen engagement using ICT also has the potential to further promote a culture of democratic decision-making. One example of citizen engagement using ICT is online engagement.  Online engagement can include online forums, Web Logs (BLOGS) on nominated discussion topics or e-mail discussion groups


The Civil society must realize that ICTs are the ideal vehicle for the dissemination of information from both parties.  This information revolution is fast and requires integrated development strategies. In short if our governments still do not provide the infrastructure and implement ICT related policies effectively then the gap between government and its people will continue o grow. 

 Information highway is understood to originate and flow from the developed countries. But, in the past few years, information and communications technology has been a pouring wave into Africa and as such developing countries have no other choice but to adopt such technologies.

 Those who do not, risks being further marginalised and consequently, build up new barriers. Let’s ensure that information and communication are respected as human rights, in the building of knowledge society.






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